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Nix Performing Arts Center is a dance studio and performing arts center in Oahu, HI that offers performing arts classes for kids, teens, and adults. We are lead by Ed Nix, Co-founder and accomplished choreographer, actor, and performer; he is a certified instructor from the Fred Astaire Dance Studios and wishes to share his expertise with anyone interested in taking performing arts classes. 

Our performing arts school offers many different types of classes for toddlers through adults such as the following:

No matter how old you are or your skill level, we have a class for you that will bring you success in your chosen art style! Each of our teachers are great with students and can help you find the confidence to do well. Contact us today to enroll in any of our classes to become a star!


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What makes us Proud

Our Classes Are Creative, Cutting-Edge, and Forward Thinking!

Ed Nix Has Over 35+ Years of Experience in Performing Arts!

We Offer Classes In Many Disciplines At All Experience Levels!

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Are you hoping to one day have you picture taken at a magazine photo shoot or walk down the runway during fashion week? Nix Performing Arts Center offers modeling classes

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Have you always wanted to be center stage and deliver a performance that will gain you praise and applause from your audience? Maybe you are looking to successfully become someone else…

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Do you want to develop your vocal talents as a singer? Nix Performing Arts Center offers vocal classes that give inspiring and helpful singing lessons to develop your technique and

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Dancing is our most popular art style, and we offer many different dance classes to suite your needs. We offer kids dance classes and adult dance classes to demonstrate that you

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